Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Passion Planner Review

Back in 2014 a few fellow business owners asked for my help with their social media, and ended up actually hiring me to run it because they were so happy with the work I'd done. Fast forward two years, and now my social media work has rapidly spread via word of mouth, and is something I do on a daily basis alongside Little Miss Delicious.

Even just with Little Miss Delicious alone my days are very hectic, so gradually introducing more and more of the social media management work has definitely been a challenge. I'm a huge fan of planning out my days - being self employed, time management is one of the most important aspects, especially when you factor in working from home and the constant distractions!

I treat myself to a Passion Planner for Christmas, and it's been one of the best purchases I've made. There's plenty of space to plan every day, as well as space for notes and even monthly summaries so you can look over everything you've achieved. I posted a snap of it on my personal Facebook and it got lots of interest, so I thought I'd share my little system with you guys too.

I sit down every Sunday to plan out my week, to try and make sure I'm ready for the week ahead and to ease my mind so I know everything is written down and I don't have a Monday panic about not knowing what I need to do. The first time I wrote in it was actually pretty scary - I don't know if anyone else gets like that about stationery, but I just find the first mark so hard to do! Like it's a perfect notepad until I ruin it with all my stress-y scribbles, but as soon as I started using it, I don't think I could be without it!

Having it colour co-ordinated helps give me a good overview of what I'm focusing on that week - yellow for social media work, blue for Little Miss Delicious, green for time off, pink for important, orange for exercise and light pink for breaks and food. I use post its for any additional info, especially things that I know are likely to change throughout the week so I can re-do the post its without ruining the page of the planner - that's totally normal, right? ;) 

It also helps me realise if I'm working too much... after seeing how much work and how little time off I had the previous two weeks, this week's schedule has a better balance, to make sure I don't just work myself into exhaustion. I'm also slowly trying to work in house chores too - although I'm not sure there's going to be enough page space for everything!

I love how their Instagram is full of great suggestions on how to best utilise the planner, and it's forever keeping me motivated to use mine. How do you schedule your days? I'd love to know your planning techniques! 

If you're interested in knowing more about the social media management services I offer, please just give me an email! info(at)littlemissdelicious.com

Passion Planner available here
Cat Post It Notes available here
Donut Worry Mug available here


  1. I am DEFINTELY copying you and getting one of these planners soon! Having a full time job and my little knitting brand on the side I find it very hard to stay organised and remember everything I've got to do, so this is perfect!

  2. I am so in love with the look of these planners and am hoping to treat myself to one soon. I feel exactly the same as you about making the first mark on a new notebook or planner - I'm always terrified to ruin my pristine and pretty new thing! Lol x




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