Friday, 23 October 2015

Feature Friday: VE Cosmetics

This week's Feature Friday post is all about the 100% ethically sourced independent cosmetics brand VE Cosmetics. VE Cosmetics was born out of a love of make up and cruelty free choices - all their products are handmade, vegan friendly and not tested on animals. Having recently became vegan I jumped at the chance to work with them when they got in touch!

I created an exclusive limited run of Pixie Poop logo necklaces, based on their logo by The Patchwork Monkey, to celebrate the launch of their new Pixie Poop eyeshadow range.

The Pixie Poop necklaces comes on a 16" chain, and like all Little Miss Delicious designs, all the necklaces are hand sculpted from polymer clay, baked then hand painted and glazed for a shiny finish.

If you purchase it with a Pixie Poop eye shadow it even comes in its own little presentation box! 

Find VE Cosmetics online:


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