Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Today's Workspace: Earrings Galore

While working on a fun wholesale earring stud order recently, I also made a couple extra to top up my own stock levels too for www.littlemissdelicious.com

Earring studs are one of the hardest to sculpt and paint, but also the most rewarding. The battenberg is definitely the most time consuming design I do, and for that reason I think it's also my favourite! 

Stud earrings vary in size, but most are under 1", making them very challenging to paint perfectly, but that's part of the fun! They can take a while to get exactly right, but it's such a great feeling watching them go from a lump of brown clay to little earrings I'm happy to send out.

As always, all designs are hand sculpted, then painted by hand and glazed for a super cute shiny finish. No moulds or stencils are used, making each piece special and unique in its own way!

Which design is your favourite?


  1. It's so hard to pick! I love the cupcakes, ice creams and star wands!

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