Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Highlights of 2014

After a hard year last year, I decided to do a post of the highlights, and it's actually really nice to look back on so thought I'd do the same for this year! While last year was one of the worst of my life, this year has without a doubt been one of the best. 

Moving in with Ash

The main reason this has been the best year is definitely thanks to moving in with Ash, who is quite literally my better half. 8 months into living together, and every day is still just as fun as the last. 

He's helped teach me it's okay to relax and have time off sometimes, and I've just generally been a much happier person since we created our own home! Even if we did have absolutely awful problems with mould, I'm just happy I get to spend every day with my best friend in our own little corner of the world.

Doing London Tattoo Convention for a 3rd Year

London Tattoo Convention is always one of my favourite shows to do, and it was so exciting doing it again for my third year running. 

Although I didn't get round to blogging about it, it was such a fantastic event and it was great catching up with other businesses I love and admire, as well as amazingly supportive customers and lots of new ones too!

The Great North Run

One of the hardest but most rewarding parts of my year was definitely doing The Great North Run. 

I began training in March but it still wasn't enough to prepare me for how hard it was on the day! Building up to doing it with an invisible illness was extremely difficult since any time I pushed myself to hard, I got an IC flare up that set me back weeks. So I had to do it really slowly, starting with walks and light cardio, until I was ready to do 10 miles in August, and ultimately tackle the 13.1 miles of the Great North Run in September.

I never in my life ever, ever thought I'd sign up to do a run, nevermind a half marathon, but I wanted to do something to honour my grandad's memory, and running has become my way of staying close to him even though he's no longer here. When I run, I get time to myself to think, and remember how special he was. I still can't believe my dad, aunty and I managed to raise an amazing £3,083.66 (inc. Gift Aid) for The Brain Tumour Charity in his memory. You can view our JustGiving page here, and hopefully we'll be doing more events in the future for such a well deserving charity, to honour one of the greatest people I've ever known.

As much I was ready to just sleep at the side of the road on the 12th mile, for some reason I've signed up to do it again this year! I must be mental. I'm already dreaming of that magical beer at the end ;)

Woodland Creatures Collection

This year I've had the chance to try lots of new fun ideas through limited and mini collections, but nothing pushed me as hard as the Woodland Creatures Collection.

I've always mostly stuck to food based designs, but it's been so fun trying new themes but keeping the LMD feel, and while the Woodland Creatures Collection was one of the most difficult, it was also the most rewarding when I saw the finished results! Now I just have to decide what collections to line up for 2015...

Becoming a Cat Parent 

It's no secret I've always been a dog person, and cats have always unnerved me a little - all you ever hear is how they're so unpredictable and aggressive, but the second I met Salem it was love at first 'aww!'. 

He's only been in our lives for 2 months now, but he's already my favourite little side kick and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect little guy. He's from Westgate Ark Neutering Clinic, and was found in a box outside in the middle of a housing estate. It's been amazing watching him go from an underweight terrified kitten, to a confident, sassy little panther! 

Everything I ever thought about cats just hasn't been true, instead I've learnt if you treat an animal right and shower them with love and attention (yes, he's the most spoiled little guy ever), then they'll never be randomly aggressive or destructive. Not yet, anyway!

New Stock: Lip Balms and Bath Bakes

This year has seen Little Miss Delicious grow in exciting new ways, including lots of fun new stock.

One of my goals is to start stocking items from other handmade, independent brands and I began doing that with Maskitec Lip Balms and Miss Patisserie Bath Bakes, Bubble Cups and Gift Boxes - and they've gone down a storm already!

Going Back To Brown

After years (and years and years) of having bright hair, I've gone back to my natural colour. Rather than being a decision because I wanted to have brown hair, it was more a necessity as I was just too busy to keep dyeing it, and I was sick of always having mammoth roots.

I'm still adjusting to life without glowing under a UV light, but it's definitely nice not having to dye it weekly!

Our First Christmas as a Family

Usually Christmas means I go to my family for dinner, and Ash goes to his, then we pay extortionate money for taxis back home at night. But this year we decided instead of spending the day running around, we'd spend it together with the cat and hedgehog, in our little dysfunctional family. It was just absolutely perfect.

It was the most relaxing, lovely Christmas I could have ever asked for, full of champagne, yummy food and cuddles on the sofa. What more could a girl ask for? ;)

What were your highlights of 2014?

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  1. Lovely post Maxine! Your rescue kitty is too adorable. I know what you mean about the hair... I went pink this year, loved it but just can't be bothered with the upkeep. It's going to have to be an occasional thing for sure. I'm loving your natural hair on you anyway. Congrats on the run and all the money raised, girl- you earned that beer! Off to buy a bath bake now..... I'm on a diet so if I can't eat it, Im bathing in it! ;) x





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