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Feature Friday: Bad Sheep Boutique

In the run up to Christmas I'll be doing weekly Feature Friday posts to highlight some of my favourite small businesses and independent designers to help you find some indie gems this festive season!

Bad Sheep Boutique is a quirky online store founded by Rachael, a young fashion and music enthusiast, with a keen interest in art, design, comics and people. It's designed to reach out to those who have a love for all things alternative, creative and stylish with a twist.

They stock an impressive list of brands that is always growing, including Sourpuss Clothing, Mr Lacy, Akumu Ink Clothing, Collectif London, Studio Ochee, Voodoobeat, Bubblegum Vegas, Kustom Kreeps, Retrosexual Clothing Company, Joystick Junkies and many more!

I recently spoke to Rachael to find out more about Bad Sheep Boutique.

What inspired you to start Bad Sheep Boutique?

I've always loved alternative clothing and accessories, as well as comics and music, so I wanted to create a store that had all of that brought together in one place. The site right now is only a fraction of what I plan for it to be.

It's such a fun name - how did you come up with it?

Thank you. It's a cross between being the black sheep of the flock, you know, being different, which is basically myself, mixed in with a bit of attitude. That's why the sheep looks like a greaser with his shades and quiff. I love the whole rockabilly scene and I think that comes across in a lot of the things we do. As our motto says: "don't follow the flock, be a bad sheep!"

What has been your favourite moment since starting Bad Sheep Boutique?

There have been a few really. One being the first time we ran a stall at an event. It was great to have people enjoying being able to look at our range and ask lots of questions.

Of course every time an order comes through it feels great. I never take things for granted and every time someone buys from the site, they are giving us support.

Launching the new website was also a key moment for me because I really felt that the whole project was moving forward.

How do you select which brands to stock, and do you have any advice for independent designers/small businesses looking to start wholesaling to brilliant websites such as your own?

I spend time at trade shows, especially alternative ones like London Edge. You get to meet a lot of people and discover interesting brands. Sometimes I see someone wearing something and will check the label and get on the case to contact them.

Being involved in roller derby, I decided that it was time to get started with stocking up some roller derby related products, so with the recent launch of our new site, we also launched our derby hardware. I'm very excited to see the range grow.

My advice for people looking to set up a brand and wholesale to stores....well firstly I'd suggest to be different. There are so many similar brands out there. The market is full of lines that are lacking uniqueness. Also minimum order value can really affect if a shop can buy from you or not. Being an independent company, purely funded by myself, it was hard to meet minimum orders in the very early days. That affected my launch stock big time.

Also, something a lot of people don't do is start off your business legitimately! You don't want all your hard work wasted by having to pay hefty fines for not registering your self employment etc. that's the boring bit but an important thing to remember.

What's your favourite product on the website at the moment?

Ooh that's a tricky one! I have a very big soft spot for the satchels. In fact the ones with zebra print pockets have been super popular since we got them in!

I also have to say our own brand T-shirts. They are the first of a line of Bad Sheep Boutique branded products so I have a love for them. We are hoping to see more people wearing them over the next few months!

What do you have planned for the future?

Ooh! So much! Firstly the range will be extended next year. More awesome clothing. More roller derby hardware!

I want to get people involved in some exciting projects, so I'm working on a crowd funding project that will allow people to get hold of some super limited edition products.

Also, keep your eyes open for an exciting creative competition nearer the summer!! I can't give too much away at this point.

You can keep in the know by liking our Facebook page and following us on Twitter. Also, we have an email newsletter and it's worth signing up as 2015 will see some special discounts and offers going out only to subscribers!

You can find Bad Sheep Boutique here:

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  1. The shirts look great. Was thinking of purchasing one for my husband. He really enjoys shirts with cool prints on them. His cupboard is full of really cool shirts that he hs collected over the years. Sometimes I also wear some but now that you have both men and women shirts that makes me really excited. Thank you for this.

    Jane Osborne @ Customer Finder Marketing




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