Thursday, 11 September 2014

Events: Hyper Japan, July 2014

Things have been extra crazy lately, so this post is mega delayed. But better late than never, right? ;)

Back in July I had a small space on the lovely Prong Jewellery's stall at Hyper Japan so I could help out Claire while also getting an idea of what Hyper Japan was like at the same time. I LOVED IT! I honestly could have happily lived there. It was like all the best and cutest parts of my childhood in one place - if I'd known something like that had existed when I was younger, I would have been in teenage heaven.

Everywhere you looked there were super cute stalls, amazing cosplayers and delicious food (although being vegetarian I didn't get to try much!). 

It was also amazing to meet brands I completely fan girl over online, including our lovely neighbours Cakes with Faces, the adorable Peppermint Puff and Tofu Cute, as well as meeting super lovely customers I chat to online, and hopefully lots of new ones!


As much as I tried to resist, I just couldn't help but do a little shopping! I got lots of yummy treats from the various food stalls, two t-shirts from Cakes with Faces and an amazing candle and soaps from Soap-a-saurus, as well as lots of fun badges and a key chain from Prong!

I'll definitely be back, but I haven't quite decided if it'll be as a stall holder or customer. Part of me wishes I'd had more time to look around! Have you been to Hyper Japan before - what did you think?


  1. I love Hyper Japan but haven't been for a few years, hopefully will get to go next year.




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