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Feature Friday: Rebelicious Magazine

This week's Feature Friday post is all about the newest sponsor on the Little Miss Delicious blog, as well as one of my personal favourite magazines! I first heard about Rebelicious Magazine back in 2011, and it's been amazing watching it grow ever since. Ran by one of the loveliest people I've had the pleasure of knowing, Dominique Marshall, Rebelicious is a UK based fashion and exposure magazine featuring all the best alternative brands and creatives.

Available online and in print, it provides a platform for alternative fashion companies, independent designers, models, photographers, makeup artists and illustrators to show just how diverse and engaging the alternative world is! I spoke to Dominique to find out more about where the idea behind Rebelicious came from and what her plans are for the future as well as some brilliant advice for those looking to get published.

What inspired you to start Rebelicious Magazine?

I didn’t actually come up with the initial idea of Rebelicious. That accolade needs to go to Amy Phillips, who was the original writer that I produced the very first issue with! She wanted to create a new magazine for alternative women for her final degree project at university about 4 years ago now, and she had advertised on a student job board about needing a graphic designer to help her create it. I was studying a graphic design degree and was looking for some experience, so I applied and luckily she ended up picking me, as I loved the alternative culture as much as she did.

It was a great experience working with her, and I ended up creating the second issue for my own final degree project at uni (with her help on the writing side of things.) After my degree finished, I asked her if she would be okay with me continuing the magazine, so with her blessing I kept Rebelicious going bi-monthly until the end of last year when I made the crazy decision to make it a monthly! I’m also a full-time graphic designer at Rock Sound Magazine, so as you can imagine I am one busy lady!

Rebelicious is very much focused on alternative culture - what is it about that world that you love?

That it is so accepting of anything and anyone, the vast range of clothing available, the music, the people…there isn’t much that I don’t love about alternative culture! There are just so many different aspects of it that I’m always stumbling across and learning about that it’s like one massive journey into the unknown.

I love all the products you feature! How do you choose your editor picks/pick of the day, and what are some of your personal favourite brands?

I treat editor’s picks and pick of the day as my own personal shopping list to be honest. The list of brands that I follow online and shop from is endless, and if any products catch my eye I’ll make a note of it and more often than not it will end up in editors picks or as a pick of the day on the website. I also pay attention to the brands that models are wearing, whoever photographers and other designers mention online, as well as those that contact me for features.

To narrow down my list of favourite brands is bloody difficult, but right now some that I really love are… Bloody Mary Metal, Alice Takes A Trip, Reptilia Art Movement, Pendulous Threads, Killstar, Miss Fortune, Sanctus Clothing, Torture Couture, Hysteria Machine, VelvetVolcano, The Rogue + The Wolf, Atomic Lace and of course Little Miss Delicious ;)

Where does your inspiration come from?

My day job, other magazines (both alternative and mainstream), people I meet and come into contact with, music videos, films…Loads of places really. I think it’s important to have more than one source of inspiration, especially with me being a graphic designer first and foremost; it’s crazy how quickly something can look old if you don’t keep up to date with styles and trends.

What advice would you give to aspiring writers, models and designers looking for press work?

Oh god, I really could be here all day writing advice but I think the most important ones are:

1) Before you apply for press work anywhere, do your research and MAKE SURE YOU READ THE MAGAZINE FIRST! I can’t stress how important it is to know exactly where/what you’re applying to before you actually click ‘send’ on an email. As it’s just me that goes through all the submissions sent to Rebelicious, I can tell easily when someone has applied because they’ve read the magazine; they want to be a part of it and have taken the time to understand the style of the magazine and submit accordingly.

2) Pay attention to any submission guidelines that a magazine posts online; they are there for a reason, so don’t ignore them! I’m running Rebelicious single-handedly around a full-time job, so I use the submissions guidelines as a checklist when I’m looking through submissions. The emails I get that follow the guidelines are the ones that get a priority response from me.

3) Models - please AVOID sending mass submission emails to a bunch of magazines with one set of photos. AVOID IT! It appears as if your goal is to get your face plastered in/on anything. Wouldn’t you rather have different photos published in different magazines to show how diverse you are, instead of having the exact same set of photos in every single magazine? 100% of the time, if I see a submission that has been sent to say, ten magazines including Rebelicious, I’ll automatically reject/ignore it.

4) No camera phone selfies. Nope. Seriously. Never. I didn’t think I’d ever need to say that in an interview but you’d be surprised about how many people do it! Behind the scenes photos don’t count, those are fine.

5) Models ask for the cover all the time, and quite a few of them forget that when it comes to asking for one, you’re in a massive boat with others that want one too. Just because you had the cover of one magazine, doesn’t automatically mean you should be entitled to the cover of the next one you submit to. When submitting for a Rebelicious cover, submit how you would for a normal feature; send images that you feel fit in with the magazine, follow the guidelines and if your work and personality stand out and there is a slot open, you may very well see yourself on the cover. Models are chosen for a variety of reasons:
  • They are someone that I’ve personally wanted to feature and I think they would work perfectly as the cover model
  • They’ve submitted photos that are absolutely mind-blowing and deserve nothing less than a cover
  • They have something memorable to bring to the magazine
  • They’re adventurous with their style – chameleons are great.

If you’re thinking of submitting for a Rebelicious cover in the future, get creative and take risks with your makeup, clothing, location, poses, hairstyles etc! I can’t get everyone on the cover unfortunately, so make your work count and don’t be afraid of rejection…learn from it and you’ll get there eventually!

6) For aspiring writers, don’t stop writing! Whether you’re looking to become a fashion writer, music reviewer, ect the more you practice the better you’ll get! You’ll also be able to keep up with current trends and styles relevant to whomever you wish to write for. Be prepared to bring ideas to the table (if you think a magazine may benefit from starting a particular type of article, or if something already existing could be changed somehow, say so, ideas are always welcome). And one final word: Research.

7) Get the spelling of the magazine name right! ;)

What do you have planned for the future of Rebelicious?

I’ve always wanted to get Rebelicious in print and sold independently through me rather than use the print-on-demand service that I use now. They make the magazine more expensive than I would like it to be, and I hate not being able to send complementary issues out to those that have featured… I don’t get any free print copies whatsoever! The main problem is that getting magazines printed from a local printer and distributed is not cheap at all, but I am looking into how feasible it would be for me to do that in the future. I also want to get some Rebelicious merchandise made, I would love to get some sort of street team going to help promote the magazine more, among other things as well but I’ll keep those under wraps for now!

You can find Rebelicious here:

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