Thursday, 21 November 2013

Freshly Baked: November 2013

Since there have been lots of new additions to Little Miss Delicious this month, I thought I'd do a little round up of them for you!


  • Although not technically a new design, the Loved Up Toast Necklace has been re-photographed and is looking cuter than ever! One of the biggest perks of making every single aspect of LMD items by hand is that the designs will always continue to improve over time! Because of this, I regularly re-photograph items to ensure they stay as up to date as possible and represent the current look and feel of the item. The outcome always makes me feel a little prouder every time I do it! 
  • The Wonderful Waffle Ring is a completely new addition to LMD, and matches the Wonderful Waffle Necklace that was launched last month, and has fast become one of the most popular designs! It's a very labour intensive design as it takes days just to paint each square perfectly, but I hope you'll agree the outcome is worth it.
  • While the Pizza Lover Earrings aren't entirely new, they've had a completely makeover so they're more in keeping with the LMD style - which of course means they now have a super cute little face! Measuring at approximately 1" each, they've definitely just become one of my favourite sets of earrings!
  • The first of hopefully many LMD beanie hats, the Stay Sweet Beanie is now available in the store! Available in 3 adorable colours, each hat would look super cute with any outfit. So far the black design is the most popular, but I think the sky blue has a little place in my heart already. 
  • The Poppin' Popcorn Ring is one that I'm particularly fond of, due to the time consuming nature of the design. I'm a huge perfectionist so I don't rest until every line is as perfect as possible, and hopefully that level of dedication shows with the end result! Inspired by the Poppin' Popcorn Necklace, I'm also hoping to add a set of earrings to its little poppin' family soon, I'm just trying to think of a way I can successfully paint something so detailed, and so small! I'm starting to wish I had a Despicable Me style shrink ray - it'd definitely come in handy!
  • Last, but definitely not least, the final addition to Little Miss Delicious this month is the Loved Up Toast Ring! Like the necklace, it's not a completely new design, but has had a complete makeover so it not only matches the necklace, but so it's cute little face is more consistent with the LMD branding as a whole! Both sets of toast themed necklaces will be updated soon too, and hopefully the consistent style of the smiles just makes everything that little bit cuter.

So that's all the new products that have been added to this month, and I hope you enjoy looking at/wearing them as much as I enjoyed making them!




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