Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Reader Beware, You're in for a Scare!

This year's Little Miss Delicious Halloween release has had a lot of set backs, from personal circumstances to a broken laptop, but like the monsters in HorrorLand, I refused to give up and the brand new Trick or Treat Collection is finally up on the website!

Only 5 products have been made per design, so it's super limited in quantity but hopefully that just means you guys will love and treasure your limited edition boo-tiful pretties that little bit more! Each piece is inspired by all my favourite things about Halloween and horror, with a cute Little Miss Delicious twist, resulting in spooky goodness you'll want to wear all year round! The Collection includes creepy crawly cupcake necklaces, horror themed bows, eerie eyeball rings and much more!

There were also a lot of designs made that didn't make it into the Collection as I couldn't get enough stock made or product shots done in time, but lucky for you that means nearly every Trick or Treat Mystery Pack will include at least one exclusive ghoulish design that's not available for sale on the website! Perfect for the indecisive, those looking for a surprise or the collectors of all things LMD!

The Collection will be available until all items sell out, but since everything is in very limited quantity I'd recommend being quick so you don't miss out! And don't worry, next year I'll start making my Halloween Collection in May just so I'll be super prepared ;)


  1. oh my goodness i'm so in love with these kitties!! xx

  2. Really love these pieces you can see the effort you've gone to. Lovely collection :)

    1. Thank you! I really appreciate that, and so glad all the hard work shows :)




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