Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Events: London Tattoo Convention 2013

Things have been so crazy hectic since I got back from London Tattoo Convention that I haven't even had a chance to blog about how amazing it was!

Last year's Convention was the last event I'd done, so it was really interesting to see how much the brand had changed and grown since then, not only in terms of actual designs, but the amount of actual stock too.  I think it's safe to say the days where I can do events alone and travel via public transport are coming to an end - I'm finally going to have to bite the bullet and learn to drive! I should probably just apologise to motorists and pedestrians everywhere now.

Since it was definitely too much for my little arms to carry, I thought it was only fair to drag my other half with me. He ended up being my knight in tea carrying armour all weekend! Although I did lose him every time Elegy Ellem or The Nerdy Stripper performed - but he's always come back with Sailor Jerry's and cake so me and my lovely neighbour Prong Jewellery were more than happy! What a gent.

It was also the first time the new Little Miss Delicious A3 Art Prints and Mystery Packs had an outing at an event, and both went down a treat! It was also the first time I'd got to see someones reaction when they opened their LMD Mystery Pack, and I think I was just as excited as the customer! I'll definitely be making more for events in the future. 

It was so amazing to meet lots of regular Little Miss Delicious customers as well as so many new ones
, including the fabulous ladies Alix Fox and The Nerdy Stripper! It always make me do a little happy dance when customers post their purchases online straight after getting them. The whole reason I run LMD is for you guys, so it means the world to me to know you're happy with your new pretties!

I had the most amazing weekend, and was actually a little sad when it was time to pack up on Sunday! I can't wait to exhibit there again next September. You can keep up to date with events I'll be attending via the Events page on my website - hopefully I'll be doing lots more in the next year!

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