Monday, 6 May 2013

Events: Screen-Con 2013

I've been really slack taking Little Miss Delicious out and about lately, but exhibiting at events always involve a crazy amount of preparation and can be really hit and miss in terms of sales, so I'm always a little wary about trying new shows. 

Comic and sci-fi conventions are something I definitely want to branch out into, so when I heard about Screen-Con I thought it'd be the perfect chance to not only go along to see what kind of clientèle conventions get in terms of style/gender/age range, but I'd also get to geek out about meeting Boba Fett - win win!

Screen-Con is a sci-fi, fantasy, anime, horror, gaming and pop-culture fan convention in the North East.  They aim to cater to fans of many genres in one pop-culture fest, so thought it'd be the perfect place to go to scope out whether LMD would do well at events like it, and I'm definitely sold! I went along with Ash, as well as his flatmates' brand new company, NXNE

They were even kind enough to let me stick some LMD items onto their rail!

Once NXNE had set up, I had a wander around with Ash looking at all the stalls before the doors opened - just in case there was anything we wouldn't be able to resist buying (which of course, there was plenty of!). Here's Mr Delicious himself, in his typical pose of coffee in one hand and phone in the other! haha.

Just so I don't get in trouble from Ash for only posting a picture of him from the ridiculously early 8am start, here's a matching one of a sleep deprived me, also with caffeine in hand to try and stay awake! It's the first time I've ever left the house without pencilling on eyebrows, but I was too busy being in Doctor Who heaven to care.

I also took a couple of quick snaps of the other stalls before the doors opened, because I just fell in love with too many items not to -

Charles Bazaar

Mojo Jones

The Funky Patch

The Funky Patch

While admiring all the Boba Fett prints a lovely man complimented me on my hair and I had a little conversation with him about my shoes (obviously my two go to topics of conversation with strangers). Halfway through the conversation I realised I was actually talking to Jeremy Bulloch, and of course the fan girl in me had to ask for a picture! 

I wish I'd taken more pictures, especially of all the amazing outfits, but after 3 hours sleep and one of the most hectic weeks of my life due to a crazy increase in orders, I was just exhausted! Screen-Con have lots of pictures of the day on their Facebook page though, for anyone that is interested!

I did however get a quick picture of the talented Philip T. Robinsons creations. I thought I went through a lot of clay per day - I can't even begin to imagine how much he must use!

I was worried LMD might not be right for that kind of show, but I was really surprised by how fast all my flyers went, so it's definitely a genre I'm going to focus more on in the future - if only so I have an excuse to go myself! I'm already thinking up potential designs for Scream-Con.

And to end this post with my final bit of Star Wars related love, I got this awesome Boba Fett print signed by Jeremy Bulloch himself! I can't wait to get it framed. (On second thoughts, maybe it's best I don't exhibit at conventions - I'll just end up spending any money I make!)


  1. I totally know how you feel about setting up stalls in new places, I'm always like that too! I'm glad to hear it went well though :)

    Katherine xo




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