Sunday, 28 April 2013

WIWT: VelvetVolcano

Jumper: H&M
Hair Bow: Etsy
Flamingo Brooch: VelvetVolcano

I finally took the plunge and experimented with colourful eyebrows - and I LOVE them! Definitely think I'll have to utilise the purple more often.

I realised a few weeks ago that the reason I've avoided wearing bright colours (especially pink) over the past few years is that I worry people won't take me seriously if I do. Then noticed that because of my age, as well as my less than conventional hair and choice in footwear, people tend not to take me seriously as a business woman regardless of the clothes I'm wearing, so I'm slowly trying wear whatever I want and build up enough confidence to say that it doesn't matter what other people think! This means I've now started dressing a lot more colourful and letting the amount of work I do speak for itself.

A wardrobe full of pink and mint green clothing - here I come!

1 comment:

  1. LOVE coloured eyebrows and they look great on you :).




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