Tuesday, 12 March 2013

What's In My Bag

I'm never found without my trusty bag, so thought it'd be fun to give a little insight into the many, many things I keep inside of it! I'm one of those people that very rarely empties their bag, so after a while it just ends up containing my life.

  • Kathy Reichs 206 Bones: I'm on a total Kathy Reichs kick at the moment. I've been going through her novels for a few months now, and I'm completely hooked!
  • Kittens Diary: I have 3 diaries - one that lists each month over 2 pages, one that has it by week, and one that has a day per page. I keep the last one in my bag at all times as I tend to plan out my days from morning to night, so it's nice to have it on hand to keep me on track.
  • British Museum Notebook: I was visiting London alone for an event and ended up having an awful stressful time, so when I had some free time on my last day I decided to do a trip round all my favourite museums. It's still easily one of the best days of my life, so out of all the many (many, many, many) notebooks I have, I keep this one on me at all times because it reminds me that no matter what is happening, sometimes taking some time out for yourself might help give some clarity. It's nearly full now though since I'm a crazy list maker, so maybe it's time to start hunting for a replacement! Good job a little birdie told me there will be new Little Miss Delicious notebooks available very soon ;)
Lists make the world a better place

Cosmetics and Beauty Products
  • Soap and Glory Hand Food: By far my favourite hand cream, I can't go anywhere without this stuff!
  • Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb: No matter how much I try, I just can't seem to find a perfume I like more than Flowerbomb. A friend once actually said if she ever missed me, she'd just walk past the Viktor and Rolf stand in Fenwicks because she just associates it with me now!
  • Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant: This was always my favourite product, and I was totally heartbroken when it ran out. I was doing a shoot with the amazing Flashes and Lashes team and just mentioned in passing to Sali how much I missed it, and she made me up a little tub of it! Such a sweetheart. So it lives in my bag to keep my lips nice and moisturised  as well as to remind me that there are some genuinely lovely people in this world, and I'm lucky enough to know some of the most fabulous ones!
  • Carmex: For the moments when I want moisturised lips as well as the tasty taste of cherry ;)
  • Dove Deodorant: making the world a less smelly place, one spray at a time
  • I also always carry a Little Miss Delicious pocket mirror and Rockalily lipstick, which live inside my penguin purse!

  • When my favourite purse was stolen last year, my nana loaned me a spare plain black one she had, and it's just lived in my bag ever since!
  • Penguin: As I said, the cute little penguin houses my lipstick and mirror. I've found it's the perfect way to stop my mirror getting scratched/them both getting lost in the depths of my bag! It's deceivingly big so I can also fit eye liner and an eyebrow pencil inside, so it makes for the perfect little overnight makeup bag. I won the purse in this silly greedy bingo game we played at Christmas - it was so much fun!
A selection of the other prizes from greedy bingo. So funny, although some of them did make me worry about my family...

  • Painkillers: I never leave the house without at least paracetamol - something I'm sure all spoonies can relate to. Sometimes IC flare ups can come on so badly I just can't move, and I hate the idea of it happening somewhere in public when I'm alone. It's more like carrying a security blanket to fall back on rather than something that will help combat the pain since it's usually not strong enough to actually do anything!
  • Elmiron: This is the latest long term medication my specialist has prescribed me, and it's actually the first one I've ever had good results with (fingers crossed). It doesn't help with any other symptoms, but it does seem to stop me from having incredibly painful flare ups as frequently. I still get bad ones, but they're more once a month now rather than a weekly occurrence. It does make me feel crazy sick every time I take it which isn't ideal when I have to take it 3 times a day without food, but hopefully if I mention that at my next appointment there'll be something they can do to combat it.

And finally - it wouldn't be right to have a little looksie inside my bag without finding at least a few snacks in there! Although I have to admit the Maoam strips are a little something extra I picked up to include in parcels rather than for myself - I've gone off sweets for a while since the last time I ate one it ended up costing me over £200 in dental fees! Little heads up guys, toffee is not worth it. Stay away from the toffee!

So that's a rather long summary of the contents of my bag! What's in yours?


  1. Hahah Right...
    2 purses (one business, one personal)
    2 packs of chewing gum
    No7 moisturiser
    bus pass
    tattoo appointment card
    3 sets of keys
    4(!) sexy mutherpuker lipglosses
    2 lipsticks
    black eyeliner
    sugar and sweetner packets
    a button off tonys coat
    burts bees lipbalm
    cold and flu drink
    camera sync cable (???!!)
    cute coffee cup holders
    house insurance policy documents that I forgot to take out
    hotel chocolat catalogue
    notebook and pen
    mine and Sali's business cards
    and Tonys watch that I keep meaning to put in to get a new battery but forget every time!

    My bag is too large....

    1. Oh wow. Your poor shoulders!

      I'm glad I'm not the only one that manages to accidentally pick up their camera sync cable every so often! haha

  2. Lots of the usual stuff and junk that slowly builds... but I always carry approx 3 red lipsticks. I can't bear the thought of not having one so I carry a spare, and a spare spare, just in case! Money, phone, pah who needs it as long as I have my lippy! :D

  3. So happy to find another Kathy Reichs addict! I've been reading her books for about the last 8 years or something ridiculous and am nearly finished the latest one, waaaaaaah! Can't stand the programme Bones though, doesn't sync up with my imagination and makes me angry haha.


    1. Her books are amazing! Ooh really? I was going to give Bones a try as I'd only recently found out that they were inspired by her books. I'll probably still give it a try sometime and we can moan about it together ;)

  4. Im really untidy except when it comes to my bag, I empty it daily but theres a few things I cannot leave my house without:

    Lipbalm (sometimes I have like 4 or 5 :s)
    Some form of chocolate always seems to be floating around
    and a shit tonne of medication, It's probably the one thing I can ever forget. It's also a bit like my security blanket. I have painkillers, inhalers, tablets for my IBS, Hayfever tablets amongst others.

    I love that bag! <3




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