Friday, 22 March 2013

Today's Workspace: Trying To Stay Warm

It's no secret that the North of England is ruddy freezing most of the year, but it used to be that we at least had some semblance of four different seasons. This year winter seems to be staying longer than usual, and I'm not convinced it's going to budge until we have maybe one day of sunshine in August, then it'll go straight back to being bitter cold again. It's supposed to be spring soon, but we're still getting snow!

As someone that works from home, I've always gloated because I rarely get subjected to the cold (apart from during the daily post office trips!). However, I have encountered a little problem this cold weather seems to cause. 

Have you ever tried to sew without actually being able to feel your fingers? It's even harder than it sounds! Unfortunately I did discover sewing in fingerless mittens is no easy task itself.

How do you stay warm while you're working during these bitter months? Anyone living in Australia is banned from answering that - you toasty, lucky rascals!


  1. I live in the worst-insulated student house in the world, constantly either have the electric heater on or have my hand warmer to defrost my fingertips. I've not tried sewing but assembling jewellery is still hard!

    1. Oh no! I think I definitely need to invest in a hand warmer




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