Friday, 8 March 2013

Today's Workspace: The Force Is Strong with This One

So while sewing last night, I made a magical discovery... my fabric scissors are magnetic! Apparently this is actually really common and I've just never noticed before, but at 2am such a discovery can provide way more entertainment than it should.

It led to the creation of many games. Like how many pins can my scissors attract (5 is the most so far), and whether it can hold up one of the LMD pin badges (it can't).

Don't worry though, I did get lots of work done too ;) I've actually had a few messages after putting the above images on Instagram about the toaster pastry plush cushions pictured. They were a design I had planned a while ago, but then decided not to go ahead with it as I wasn't sure how to do the topping. As soon as I rediscovered the cut out pieces of fleece yesterday I knew straight away I wanted to do a little swirl pattern on them, so decided to just make them up! I had planned to just sell them as a limited run, but if you guys really like the design, I'll make it a permanent feature on the LMD site and get working on a matching necklace, earrings, ring and felt accessory too!

The cloud pictured is also one of many of the new cushion designs that are coming very, very soon. Eventually I'll have a plush cushion to match every little character featured on the website, and hopefully some day soon the cushions will be in stock at all times rather than made to order, but you guys are amazing and are keeping me so busy with orders that it's taking a little longer than expected to get them all made up. Hopefully they'll be worth the wait though!


  1. Well done Maximoo :D also I never knew scissors could be magnetic either! Will have to dig mine out to see if I am special too!xx

    1. We can have magnetic themed competitions!




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