Sunday, 17 March 2013

Retail Therapy

I'm very much not a superficial person. I firmly believe that as long as I have enough milkshake and good company, I don't need lots of material possessions around me to make me happy - apart from cute jewellery, of course ;). However, sometimes a little shopping is just good for the soul.

As some of you may know, recently my grandad was diagnosed with a brain tumour. I'll never forget how it felt sitting in the room at hospital when we found out it was cancerous and untreatable. That was 4 months ago now, and it's been a struggle since then but for the most part we've all come to terms with it and just try to make life as easy and happy as possible for my grandad. He has his good and bad days, and while a lot of the side effects and symptoms have been hard, we've found ways to adjust and deal with them, and he's never lost his spirit or stopped smiling. Even when he lost his hearing and we had to get a sonic ear piece, the first thing he did when he put it on was tell us all to keep the noise down, the little tinker!

I've always been close to my grandparents. Every time I had a big step when I first started LMD, they would always be the first ones I would turn to, and they're still the first I show when I get magazine features etc. They've always been there for me, so I didn't even have to think about it - it was my time to return the favour.

I've been living my grandparents for just over 3 months now so I can help as much as I can, and I've never been more thankful that I work from home as it means I can be there for them all day and night (apart from to do post office runs - but I bet they secretly enjoy that little break!).

Mostly I'm coping fine, and any time I start to feel sad I stop myself because I know no matter how hard it is for me, it's going to be worse for my nana and grandad, and so I have to stay strong if not for myself, but for them. I've also managed to find a good balance between helping my grandparents and running LMD at the same time, so orders have mostly continued to go out unaffected.

However, as I'm sure lots of ladies will understand, there will always be a few days a month when emotions are amplified, and things just get too much. During this time, I always just feel lost and I'm not sure who to turn to. So in January I decided to turn to my debit card, and a great once a month friendship blossomed.

I saw this dress in Debenhams and immediately fell in love. My justification was that I needed a hug, and if I couldn't get one from a person then a dress was clearly the second best thing. So I bought 3. Thankfully they were all in the sale though, which obviously makes it completely ok! ;)

February brought it with new tattoos, although it did make me realise how unloved the cherries had gotten, as I never see them! So don't fear internet, they've been given some care and attention in the form of cocoa butter for the past month, and they're looking much brighter again now.

And this month I went for retail therapy in the form of make up! I went for a new studio fix foundation since mine selfishly ran out, 2 new eye shadows and a pain pot to use as a base for my eye make up, and I can't way to have a play with them.

I never spend money on myself so I'm still dealing with feeling super guilty every month that I bought myself something rather than spending the money on something business related, but I think everyone deserves a little treat every so often. And luckily I tend to get big orders around the same time I get the urge to splurge, so that definitely helps with the guilt!

I know it's not a long term fix, and it can be a pretty pricey solution depending on your tastes, but for my little once a month sad moments, it seems to be working perfectly.


  1. Totally know how you feel, I always feel guilty for splurging, even when I have much money left over from my paycheck each month! But I agree that a nice treat every so often is definitely good for the soul :)

    Kat xx

  2. don't feel guilty! every one needs a little pick me up every now and again.





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