Friday, 8 March 2013

Feature Friday: Sharpie Drawings

This weeks featured artist is a little different to usual. I stumbled across her work as I saw the following picture on Facebook, and had to Google the quote to find out who wrote it. Mostly so I can thank them for summing up my life in a picture.
I'm sure many other creatives can understand my love of it!

This led me to, a blog full of these cute little quotes by Lainey Lamontos. They are such simple illustrations done with sharpie pens, but I just love how inspirational some of them are. I'm a sucker for a good quote, and the child-like quality of these has really struck something with me.  

Sorry it's so picture heavy, I just couldn't narrow down my favourites! I'm very tempted to frame some of these quotes and put them above my work station, I'm just struggling to decide which ones.

Which is your favourite?

You can find Lainey Lamonto's work here:

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