Monday, 2 July 2012

WIWT: Stars, Stripes and Sprinkles

Top: H&M
Skirt: Topshop

I had a meeting with a lovely customer last week and I thought it was the perfect excuse to take my Glamour Bunny bag for its first outing! I've started selling her beautiful bags at events, and they're already going down a storm. It seemed sunny out, so I thought I'd brave wearing a summery outfit to match the limited edition UK vs US Collection jewellery. I love my red high waisted Topshop skirt, but I kind of wish I'd tucked the top into it now. I just worried that'd look too dressed up for a visit into Newcastle!

I also got to use the new tote bags to do a quick post office trip, which made me a little too happy.

I ended up meeting up with Ash and Toni for a coffee date and a bit of shopping. Just as we were about to leave Newcastle, the skies opened and we got stuck out in the rain.

We thought we'd look around the shops until it died down, but when that didn't seem to be happening we braved running to the car. The usual 10 minute journey back to Heaton ended up taking nearly 3 hours! So many roads were blocked off due to flooding, and the traffic build up was just insane. I really don't know how Ash coped with me and Toni sitting in the car screaming for 2 hours every time there was a bit of thunder and lightening! Poor boy. We finally got to Heaton, but I ended up having to stay there the night since this was the road I needed to get home:

Poor car! Thankfully running around in wet shoes and having to stay out for the night were the worst things I had to suffer because of the storm, but it's so lovely to hear how communities came together to help each other with flooding issues. Hope nobody was too affected!


  1. Really love that outfit !
    Cant believe how bad the weather has been up your way ! Its been no where near as bad down here , hope it gets better for you !


    1. Thank you!

      I know, it was crazy. Thankfully it's gone back to normal now after the random storm xo




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