Friday, 22 June 2012

My First Graze Box Arrived!

Lately I've been trying to be a bit healthier, so I ordered my first Graze box after hearing lots of good reviews by friends. And I definitely was not disappointed!

The yummy healthy snacks came nicely packaged in a recyclable box, which easily fits through the letterbox so no need to sign for it (I'm usually busy working so never hear the doorbell!). The box also contains a little information book with nutritional details about the products that have been selected for your box that week, and lots of coupons for free boxes for family and friends. 
I absolutely loved the selection I received in this box:

1. Cherry tomato, basil and puglian pesto focaccia: This delicious oven baked Italian bread was definitely the highlight for me. Anything that slightly resembles a pizza but is considered healthy will always be a favourite in my eyes!

2. Green olives with chilli and garlic: Olives are one of my favourite things to snack on, and I absolutely loved these. I wish there was a way to ensure I got olives in every box, it'd make me a very happy lady every Friday.

3. Date and banana loaf: This included cinnamon spiced sultanas, yoghurt coated sunflower seeds, chopped dates and banana coins. I wasn't a huge fan of the sultanas, but the yoghurt coated sunflower seeds were super tasty. I've never tried sunflower seeds before, but I'm definitely hooked now. 

4. Toffee apple: sticky toffee sauce with granny smith apple slices. I expected the slices to be hard, and while the soft texture freaked me out a little to start with, the yummy sauce more than made up for it! I had expected this to be my favourite, but I actually preferred the savoury snacks - maybe I need to have a limited edition savoury range at Little Miss Delicious?

Once your box has been delivered, you can log on and rate what you received too, so you don't have to get selections you don't like again/can get more of what you loved. It was great trying foods that I never would have normally purchased, and I can't wait for my new Graze box to arrive today to see what I get!

If you're interested in getting your own Graze Box, simply go to and enter GH562VF to try one for free.

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