Wednesday, 30 May 2012

America Part 2: City of Angels

After Vegas, my second stop in America was the very glamorous Los Angeles (although it wasn't all that glamorous up close!).  One of my favourite things about California was the beaches - they definitely trump Newcastle's, that's for sure! We had a little trip to Santa Monica beach, which was just too beautiful. And also ventured into the little aquarium on the pier to watch all the fish, and even got to see the sharks being fed! So fun.

My ultimate highlight of LA (and probably the whole trip!) was the Natural History Museum. It's no secret that I'm a huge dinosaur geek, so I pretty much wanted to live here. I just feel sorry for poor Rosie - I made her stay here for hours!

Our next stop was the La Brea Tar Pits, which are a cluster of tar pits which have seeped up from the ground here for tens of thousands of years. Over centuries, animals trapped in the tar were preserved as bones, so it was really interesting to see where a lot of fossils have been recovered from.

While in LA, I managed to visit the Griffith Observatory 3 times! Clearly being in a scene of Queen of the Damned just made it feel like home for me ;) It had such beautiful views during the day and at night, and the park surrounding it was super beautiful too.

During one adventure to the Observatory, I had a brilliant idea of walking up to it on foot. I hadn't really realised that the entire walk was effectively a dirt trail on the side of a mountain (I don't care if they're called Hollywood Hills - it definitely felt more like a mountain!). Since I'm not very good with heights, I spent the whole time screaming about how I was going to fall to my doom, but somehow managed to look up from the ground long enough to snap this next picture. I kind of want to frame it as proof that I climbed a (sort of) mountain in flats without really meaning to!

I also got to experience Downtown LA's Art Walk, and see a few fashion shows and lots of friendly faces performing in them, which was very fun.

And of course, no trip to LA is complete without going to the tourist traps, so I followed the Hollywood Stars, watched amazing street performers, and stood in Marilyn Monroe's foot prints at Grauman's Chinese Theatre. I'm not really a big celebrity person, so to balance out all of that I had a little adventure to the Museum of Death in Hollywood too, but thankfully for you guys I wasn't able to take any pictures in there!

The final stop on my American road trip was New York, which was definitely my favourite! Except a blog post on that soon.

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  1. A lovely read! It looks so beautiful I'm so jealous! x




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