Thursday, 2 February 2012

Tattooed Females are Classless?

A recent article by Lisa Khoury has popped up on my Facebook newsfeed quite a lot today, and even if I didn't have tattoos I would still find it highly degrading. You can read the article in its entirety here, but here's a small taster for those that haven't already seen it: 

'An elegant woman does not vandalize the temple she has been blessed with as her body. She appreciates it. She flaunts it. She's not happy with it? She goes to the gym. She dresses it up in lavish, fun, trendy clothes, enjoying trips to the mall with her girlfriends. She accentuates her legs with high heels. She gets her nails done. She enjoys the finer things in life, all with the body she was blessed with. But marking it up with ink? That's just not necessary.'

'Can you get meaning out of a tattoo? Arguably... But at the end of the day, are you really a happier person? Has this tattoo, for instance, caused you to learn something new about yourself? Has it challenged you? Has it led you to self-growth? Nothing comes out of getting a tattoo. You get a tattoo, and that's it. You do something productive, though, and you see results. That's a genuine, satisfying change in life. Not ink.

Invest your time, money, and effort into a gym membership, or yoga classes, or new clothes, or experimenting with different hairstyles if you're craving something new with your body, not a tattoo.'

Since when was there only one right way to look? To me this is just as ignorant as all those 'since when did this become hotter than this...' pictures doing the rounds about body sizes. Girls really need to stop hating on each other and just accept that everyone is different. That's what makes life so interesting!

To me, her alternative suggestions to join a gym, get a manicure, go shopping etc are just completely sexist. As if all a girl needs is a new set of nails and a gym membership to be happy. How stereotypical.

And I can honestly say that yes, I am happier because of my tattoos. And I definitely don't base my appearance on getting drooled over by 'guys'. I dress and carry myself how I want to, because it's how I feel comfortable. Surely that's more important than what strangers with high libidos think. 

I understand tattoos aren't for everyone, but such sweeping statements about how people should view and treat their own bodies just don't sit right with me. Surely the whole point of feminism is that there isn't a mould for how a woman should be. We should be free to express ourselves without having to worry about being judged, especially by someone that seemingly has no idea about tattoos in general.

That's my view anyway! What do you guys think?

Oh, and just so the post isn't all text, have a picture of my latest tattoos ;) By the very talented Joe Ellis at Cock a Snook.


  1. I totally agree with you. I am someone who doesn't have any tattoos and has never had a manicure or gone to a gym, so I think I can offer a fair unjudged opinion on this. But the woman is still clearly an idiot. Opinions like that arn't helpful in anyway to anyone in society and she should be ashamed of herself. I can only blame it on 'the way she was raised.' Thats if you absolutely had to give her an excuse for her damn right awful views. Eurgghhh people like this amaze me. I honestly don't understand how people in this day and age can think like that. It's really sad that some people just can't accept that maybe people do things because perhaps they want to. And in experience I think tattoos do mean things and can change the way people view themselves. I hate how people think people always do things for a reason. I was once at the doctors and a nurse started harrassing me as to did I have peircings in my face as I wanted to stand out and have people stare at me. Her opinion was that I must want the attension. I was pretty sure I just felt like getting it done one day! #rantover.

    1. I completely agree! And one of my pet hates is when people ask about the meanings behind my tattoos. While most of mine do have them, I don't think it's necessary. It's ok to just do things sometimes because you want to, without any deeper meaning! xo

  2. The article in question reeks of a lazily-written provocative opinion piece. I've read a few like this, and they bore me so.
    Let's get some editorial in the media from creative, inspiring women who have tattoos. They are just another thing about them, that's not all they have going on.

    1. I did wonder whether it was specifically written to get this sort of reaction because most of their posts only have 1 or 2 comments, whereas this now has over 100. I really hope that is the case, because at least then it provides an explanation for such sexist views! xo

  3. I completely agree with you, people should be allowed to express themselves how they want and not be told what is the right way to be a woman. This is obviously very much to do with her her own self esteem issues and how to be a feminist in the wrong way. She is basically objectifying women and that we should dress to please others and not ourselves. she totally got it wrong! Thanks for highlighting this piece.

    Natasha x

    1. Exactly! She's setting feminism back 50 years. We should dress how we want and feel comfortable, not so strangers find us attractive!

      I will never understand why people with self esteem issues feel that the way to solve it is to put other people down. We should be celebrating each other and our differences, not trying to shame each other. Self expression is what makes the world such an interesting place to live. It'd be boring if we were all the same! xo

  4. What a ridiculous view. If she hasn't ever had a tattoo (and I presume she hasn't) then how can she say you get 'nothing' out of one?

    And what about self expression? Just like a haircut/clothes/the nails she goes on about, a tattoo can show people your personality, what is important to you etc.

    Tattoos are such a personal thing I think it's completely unacceptable to judge people with them.

  5. Oh my god such insights, I never knew to solve all my life problems all I needed was to have men lust over me. I must go and get a manicure and buy a load of new clothes and then I'll be a complete person. While I'm there I should probably give up on my career, get back in the kitchen and severely question my morals and values.


    There is so much in the article that makes me a mixture of angry and stunned. Its good to see such public outrage at this outdated view. I received my first tattoo at the end of last year and I plan to get many more, the one I have makes me feel beautiful and content. It's a marker of where I am and the sheer nerve of this one very narrow minded woman to tell people that they have misguided morals because they have tattoos or permanent body adornments is just wrong on so many levels. I just hope that she doesn't get taken on by a more influential paper, imagine what would happen if they gave this girl more power.

    *and breathe*

    Btw your tattoo's are gorgeous :D

  6. Sexist, sizeist, anti-expression, anti-individualist propaganda written by the very people who eat it up and expect everyone to be clones of one another! I cannot STAND magazines for this very reason. xo

  7. To be honest i don't understand how this person can say those things. Yes everyone has a right to their own opinion but to say that girls should go to the gym/ get their nails done and new hairstyles- well is that not changing your bodies anyway? And changing it for some-one else rather than for themselves? She seems to be making out at the start that the female form should not be changed- so why get your nails done? Why go out to the gym and change your body shape? Why completely change how your hair is? It's just a little ignorant. I haven't got many tattoos myself but i do have a few piercings and like to change my hair quite abit and i do this to feel happier in myself, and to make it more personal to me. Not for anyone else. Ok little rant over :)
    Btw Maxine Ashleigh your blog is gorgeous and i really liked the piece about starting up you own business :)

  8. Was this written in the 1950s? ffs. its 2012!

  9. I'm enraged that the author of this article suggests that a woman should 'flaunt' her body. Talk about objectification!

  10. I loved reading this daft article and then the fab post and all your wonderful replies. Hurrah ladies, all so wonderfully put!!:)

    A lovely antidote to this daft women!

    Personally I think she needs to get a life beyond the gym and manicures as she obviously has very little else to occupy her mind or she would be writing something a litle more worthwhile and inspiring.

    I am a firm believer in 'if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all'.

    She should have just written about how positive exercise can be without dragging stuff into it that she knows nothing about.

    Muchos love to you all!! :) xoxo




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