Monday, 19 December 2011

Retail Therapy

Whoever says retail therapy doesn't work is clearly shopping at the wrong places.

I've been stuck in bed unable to move from kidney pain for 2 days now, and while my Dexter DVDs have been keeping me company (never seen it before yesterday - totally addicted now!), it's still not the most fun situation. So I thought I'd treat myself to some pretty new things to cheer me up! I haven't really bought anything for myself since THAT lingerie set, so thought I was due a good shop, and getting Christmas money early was the perfect excuse.

My fashion lately has been a bit all over the place; most days I live in shorts and a vest top, but I still love an excuse to wear a pretty dress, and I think my recent purchases reflect this a little bit too much!

I got 3 new awesome vests from Disturbia, thanks to their 'grab bag' offer. They're pretty much my favourite clothing company at the moment! And I also couldn't resist an amazing print by Godmachine too - which now lives proudly on my wall. My love of Godmachine's work then led me to The Cult of Original Sin, where I bought this amazing top.  

I then realised I'd bought many a vest, but no dresses so decided to balance that out with a little trip to ASOS. I think I might wear the red dress for Christmas Day, what do you think?


  1. Those dresses are all gorgeous, deffo wear the red one on Christmas day!! :D

    So sorry to hear you're so poorly at the moment, hope it eases up a bit by Christmas, at least you have good old Dexter, I love that show so much. 1st and 4th seasons are too amazing for words!

    1. I did! I'm a little bit in love with it :)

      Season 4 was definitely my favourite, even if it did break my heart a little. The cliff hanger at the end of the 6th season has made me desperate to see the new episodes though. September seems so far away! xo




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