Saturday, 22 October 2011

Today's Workspace: Rearranging The Studio

Since moving back home, I never really organised the room I'd been given to work in by my parents - after making lots of stock for London Edge at short notice, I never even had the chance to unpack properly. I wish I had taken a before picture, but instead you can have this one from halfway through:

To start with, I didn't have the black table at all, and the glass one was just hanging about uselessly in the corner. I was having to do all my jewellery and fabric work on the same table, and it was just a total nightmare when I was doing more than one thing in the same day. 

But now I have a separate table for fabric, and one for clay - and it's SO much better. Just realised I have a coaster for tea on each table too - now that's just thinking ahead!

I even have a little section where I can sculpt the clay, which before I was having to do downstairs as I just had no room. And since everything is on trays, I can just swap them around on the table whenever I want! Yay.

I also came up with a purpose for the glass table - it's now where I can package parcels! This has proven really useful as before this part of the process is where I made the most mess, but having a clear space to work with means it's now so much easier to do without ending up with scraps of paper everywhere.

There's still a lot I need to do, but it's a good start!


  1. It looks amazing huni! I wish I had that much workspace. My desk is more of a storage desk than one I can actually work on which means my bed and floor ends up covered in clutter such a pain. My only other studio space is in the garage but it's cold in there so I avoid it! :(

  2. Such a nice workspace, so tidy and organized! x

  3. I love this! I always try and keep my workspace organised and everything, but it all just ends up in one messy whirlwind! haha... x

  4. wish i had such an amazing workspace as yours! my desk is used for claying, studying, and my laptop takes up one-third of the space. ultra-cram! but, im going to design a workspace similar to yours in my future room! :D




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