Saturday, 24 September 2011

Today's Workspace: Bed Rest Doesn't Have To Be Boring

Sadly my kidneys have been playing up again this week, so I've spent most of it having to rest in bed with Disney films. However, I've never been the kind of person that can just lie doing nothing, so while watching Beauty and the Beast a little bit too often, I also got lots of felt accessories made!

I didn't really think it through, as it meant most nights I had no space to sleep since my bed was so full of felt, but I'm really happy with the amount I got done, especially new designs like the felt battenberg. I also re-designed the felt ice creams, so be sure to check out their cute new toppings. 

I get a lot of messages on Twitter when I post about my health asking exactly what is wrong when it comes to my kidneys, but the truth is they just don't know. Last time my specialist told me I'd just have to accept that I have a long term chronic illness that they may never actually be able to fix - just what every girl wants to hear! Sometimes it can be really hard living with something like that when on the outside you look fine, but my energy levels are seriously affected, which for someone that loves being busy is a very big problem. 

The Spoon Theory explains it better than I ever could, and I would definitely recommend reading that if you want more understanding of people with similar problems. A lot of people close to me had no idea what I meant when I tried explaining it, but once they read The Spoon Theory, they understood the everyday limitations that most people wouldn't even think about.

Thankfully I don't get this bad too often, but when I do it's definitely not fun. Unfortunately it does also mean I'm running a little behind on the Hallowe'en Collection, but I'm hoping to have it up by Wednesday at the latest!

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  1. thanks for sharing The Spoon Theory, it sums up how I am with my illness so perfectly, I cried my eyes out! Hope you have a good phase soon and I look forward to the halloween colection. x




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