Monday, 13 June 2011

Shop Update: Fast Food Lover

After living off takeaways during my exam period, I thought it was only fitting to make more fast food products for the store!

What is your favourite comfort food? I think mine has to be yummy donuts covered in sugar!


  1. contest, though they wouldn't make a very interesting necklace ;)

  2. Carrots with houmous and carrot cake!

  3. VERY cute! We had some french fries a couple of years ago, so this reminds me of them. Which also reminds me of McDonalds... which i am now craving! (I know what i'm having for lunch tomorrow!) x

  4. Raffles Bizarre: I might try and make you a crisps necklace sometime! Hehe.

    Stephanie: I LOVE carrot cake. It's so yummy.

    Temporary Secretary: That's why I made the necklace! I've had the worst craving for McDonalds lately, but I knew if I bought one it wouldn't live up to the expectations I had in my mind after wanting one for so long, whereas I know the necklace can't let me down! xo




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