Saturday, 18 June 2011

FAQs Series: What does your usual day consist of?

I get various emails every day asking similar questions, so I thought I'd do a blog series in order to share what I know with you! I hope you find it helpful, and if you have a question of your own to ask, feel free to email me or ask via Twitter.

What does your usual day consist of?

Due to the varied nature of running a business and being the only person behind each aspect of it, my days tend to be different depending on what deadlines I have that week. However, my colour co-ordinated spreadsheet tends to have planned spontaneous time most days to accomodate for this (I wish I was joking), so my days tend to have a similar structure. Hope you don't find it too dull!

8.00am: I'm a terrible morning person, so spend the first few hours replying to emails, checking social network sites and general admin work until I've had my coco pops and tea and feel human again.

10.00am: I tend to feel a little ill after the tea (on really bad kidney days obviously I have decaf!), so this is the perfect time to write any blog posts I want to line up for the week, as it means I get to stay in bed with my blanket that little bit longer. You'd think I'd learn to just stop drinking it, but it feels wrong to start my day without at least 5 tea soaked biscuits.

11.00am: This is when the fun things start! Depending on what orders I have/stock is low, I either start painting items I baked the night before or cutting out fabric ready to be sewn together later on. I hate working in silence, but if I have music on I tend to get distracted so I just put on a film that I've seen millions of times for background noise. 

2.00pm: If I've finished any new jewellery items, I tend to photograph them around this time as it's when the light is best in my room (although now that my ex has moved out, I no longer have an amp to rest on - time to invest in a table!). It's also around now that I realise I haven't ate lunch yet, so grab a quick bite to eat and catch up on the terrible tv shows I'm addicted to like 90210 and Gossip Girl. 

3.00pm: After the brief break, I go back to painting, occassionally updating social networking sites because I've developed quite the love for Twitter and checking emails every so often to ensure I can reply as fast as possible to customers.

4.00pm: Time to package everything ready to head off to the Post Office to receive my daily glare and sigh from the lovely gentlemen that work there and resent me posting parcels. If I'm going out that day, it tends to be around this time as I can head straight to the tube from the Post Office. This tends to happen more frequently than it should, as I seem to be out at least 3 nights a week at the moment - but I'm just using the fact it's my 21st birthday soon as an excuse!

5.00pm: If I stay in and work, by this point my eyes are no longer happy looking at tiny little faces so I tend to have a little break, make dinner and update the website and my Facebook fan page with pictures of new products, or anything else that needs updating. I'm currently in the process of slowly redoing the page layout for each product listing on my site so it includes a 'share' bar and links to similar items, so this tends to take up quite a bit of time!

8.00pm: After spending three hours cursing my lack of HTML knowledge, it's back to painting or sewing with a Disney film in the background to calm my hatred of technology. Beauty and the Beast usually does the trick! I tend to do this until around 3am, realise the time then go to bed ready to start it all over again the next day!


  1. Ha! Your comment about the post office made me laugh. They are quite similar in my post office! You know though if it wasn't for folks like us who give them something to do, they would be out of a job, so you think they would be a bit happier wouldn't you?!

  2. I know! I loved my local post office in Newcastle because it was always empty so they welcomed my custom since they were so bored haha.

    I tend to time it so I go 10 minutes before they close just so they actually have a reason to be annoyed! xo

  3. Really relate to the post office thing. They hate me!

    Just spotted on your comment that you used to live in newcastle? how did i not know this?! I lived in newcastle for four years. I hope to return next year! Did you ever go to the post office in Sandyford? Man, they were horrible!!! :( x

  4. These packages look so cute!


  5. Yeah, I grew up in Newcastle :) I lived in Jarrow, now my parents have moved to Hebburn and I still go back quite a bit! xo

  6. I ♥ you're blog!!!!

    It's so cute, sweet and charmmy...♥

    Since today I'm following you... :)

    A kiss from "The Music Box"...

    See you soon "Little Princess"...♥

  7. You're only 20 years old? :O

    1. I was at the time of writing this blog entry - now I'm 21! xo




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