Sunday, 12 June 2011

Events: Swing for Skin

Last weekend I had planned to for cocktails with the lovely Jasmine, but as soon as we heard about Swing for Skin, a 40s themed event in aid of the national charity DebRA, we knew we just had to go. And it was the perfect excuse to wear my new dress by Bettie Page Clothing:

As soon as we boarded the fabulous HMS Belfast (which was very exciting in itself!) we instantly felt like we had stepped into a time machine. Everyone looked so glamorous! The boat was covered in bunting, lights and balloons and filled with the most beautiful ladies and suave gentlemen, with Lipstick and Curls on board providing free vintage makeovers. And the dancing was just something else - I've never seen anything that looked so amazing yet effortless at the same time!

Being unable to walk without tripping over my feet most days, we instead opted to stand observing with our free Pimms, and vowed one day we would take classes and learn to swing dance properly. It was also lovely to chat to a few ladies from Twitter, including the beautiful Natasha De Vil and very talented Little Miss B Hats.

I really hope they arrange another event, it was such a brilliant night. I forgot to take my camera so I apologise for the lack of pictures - hopefully at least some of the post-Pimms snaps from Jasmine's disposable camera will be shareable!


  1. A thank you, takes a beautiful lady to know one. was lovely meeting you and we must meet up again for a proper chat x




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