Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Today's Workspace: Wholesale Orders

I've been super busy this week getting wholesale orders finished, as well as trying to get 2 dissertations done and prepare for my final exams in May, I've barely had time to sleep!

I'm also working hard to try and get 10 of each item in stock so the website will no longer be made to order. This means that I have little food armies taking over my workspace. Time to buy more storage units I think.



  1. So many cute and lovely things all in one place make me smile :)

    Don't work yourself too hard with all your dissertation research and writing!

    Xx Abbie xX

  2. Woo! I wish my craft table was that neat after a busy week of making things! x

  3. Abbie: Aww, thank you. I'm trying not to :) My draft deadline is tomorrow so just one more night and then I can sleep again!

    Morebrainsvicar: This isn't even half of it! It's been very hectic, but hopefully it'll all be worth it when I go full time in the summer :) xo

  4. Woo looking good as always :D
    I'm impressed with how similar you get them all looking because you must sculpt each one individually? Or you you use moulds?

  5. Raffles Bizarre - I don't use moulds, each one is individually sculpted by hand :) It takes a while to get them to all look so similar, but I think it's worth putting in that little bit of extra effort! xo




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