Monday, 14 March 2011

Spring Cleaning

I've spent the past few days giving our room a complete overhaul, and it's come to my attention that, despite being a jewellery designer, I seem to have very little jewellery!

I'm obsessed with boxes, so my necklaces live in a pretty box that used to be the home for my Viktor and Rolf perfume set, and everything else is kept in various boxes and bags. How do you store your jewellery?


  1. I keep my braclets on a rasberry absolute vodka bottle because its a lush colour
    I keep my earings hanging on a wicker heart
    and my necklaces hanging off one of the posts of my bed

    all over the place really

  2. That sounds so lovely :)

    I wish I had a bed with posts, although I'd probably just cover it with fairy lights! xo

  3. I have a Lovi Tree( for all my necklaces and bracelets with fairy lights attached. My mum uses a candlabra which is very effective (internacionale do similar ones for roughly £15)

  4. I have one of those necklace stands in the shape of a dress makers mannequin, which helps me keep all my necklaces in one place, although it's getting a bit full now and things are getting tangled :/
    I love your blog and your jewellery :) I should probably sort the necklace stand out before I buy anything from you, don't want it getting tangled and damaged!

  5. I am still working on jewelry storage-I have my earrings hanging on the wall in a couple of printers drawers that my mom turned into jewelry holders.

  6. I can't believe I've gone this long without seeing a Lovi Tree! They are so cute, I definitely need to invest in one :)

    Betty Who: I used to have one too, but I had the same problem. Thankfully I don't have enough for them to tangle in the box just yet. Hehe, luckily polymer clay is a strong material so doesn't damage easily!

    fabricyoyoqueen: I love how imaginative you all are! I'm glad I'm not the only one that doesn't just use a conventional jewellery box :) xo

  7. Thanks for following our blog! I store mine in various boxes, and my necklaces hang from a strange hanger contraption that is meant to be used to hang belts from! xxx

  8. No problem, I love your store! Definitely one of my favourites in Kingly Court.

    Ooh, that sounds awesome :) xo

  9. I have a set of mirrored drawers that my Mum bought me when I said I'd fight her for the one she inherited from my Nana!
    It gets a little messy though :( But I keep all my old perfume boxes too!

  10. I just dump all mine in jewellery boxes, 1 for ear-rings, 1 for bracelets and my other for necklaces but hate trying to untangle the necklaces.




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