Thursday, 10 February 2011

Events: London Edge, February 2011

This weekend I did my first trade show. London Edge is an 'alternative' trade show, which caters for some of the most creative, exciting niches in fashion and thankfully my jewellery went down a treat! It's lead to lots of exciting opportunities that I don't want to jinx just yet but hopefully I'll be able to share everything with you guys soon :)

It was amazing to meet some of my favourite designers and companies that I've looked up to since before I even owned a paint brush. I also got to see lots of great new brands and some of my all time favourite models!

Despite initial problems with setting up, thankfully everything turned out ok. I'm already starting to plan how I want it to look next time!

The very talented Prong were next to my stand, and had the most amazing models all weekend! I'm still a little starstruck after getting the chance to meet Morrigan Hel, a model I've admired for a very long time.

I was also very starstruck when I saw Ulorin Vex was at the event, but after following her work for about 7 years I knew I had to build up the courage to speak to her. I also gave her a few pieces of jewellery, how exciting! I made a list last week of the dream models I would like to wear my jewellery, and she was one of the top ones so that alone made the whole weekend worth it!

I also got the chance to meet the lovely lady behind Glamour Bunny and treated myself to one of their amazing dresses! I've never worn something that fits so perfectly, I'm definitely going to have to buy more of their designs.

Preparing for London Edge was the most stressful experience of my life, but it was definitely worth it! Now that I know what to expect hopefully September will be even better :)


  1. Very well done! I was just saying to Kate last week what great business sense you have for your age, and I don't mean that to be patronising at all, as I'm 13 years older than you and wish I had been as ambitious as you when I was 20! :))

  2. Aww, thank you! That means a lot :) xo

  3. Your blog is absolutely delicious! I'm now following you and if you like my blog please do follow me as well!

    Keep in touch // Swedish Fashionista

  4. Looks like you had a lovely time! and, my oh my, that cupcake dress is amazing!!!

  5. It was amazing! Thanks, it's from Vampire Bunnies, they have the best fabric choices xo

  6. WoW. Your look is amazing, i'm in love with your blue hairs and your cupcake dress!

    xxx from France

  7. Looks like you've had a lot of fun with your first trade show! It's understandable that you've had some initial problems with your set-up, since this was your first time. There are a lot of things to take care of when you're joining a trade show, most of which have to be done before the event starts. For example, you have to manage transportation of your items well in order to avoid any future hassles with shipping and set-up. Can you transport the items personally or would you use shipping? And if you ship, you have to make sure your items are handled properly to prevent mishandling, and you have to ensure you can track them during shipping.





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