Saturday, 15 January 2011

Promo Materials: A Taste Of Things To Come!

You'll notice a few changes to Little Miss Delicious over the next few weeks as I undergo an image revamp! I didn't feel the previous logo encapsulated the company in the exact way I wanted, so the new design is brighter and more fun to reflect the cute nature of the products!

Because of this exciting new change, I've also designed pretty stickers and flyers too, which will soon be sent with all orders from!  Here's a sneak preview of what they will look like, including a picture of Toria Morgan by PICFX:


  1. Looks great! This is also something that I really need to get done this year, some model shots for my stuff! I think it really makes your website stand out and look professional so its on my to do list :)

  2. They look fab, really eye-catching and a great reflection of the product - the little Bobbin's are very admiring of your charm bracelets!

  3. Thank you, I'm so glad you both like it!

    Model shots are great as they show what the product looks like on, rather than just always being flat :) I need to update every product on my site with a new picture now though, eep! xx




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