Friday, 14 January 2011

Events: Operation Stop Being Shy

In order to stop my life solely being work related (and to try and get rid of my newfound shy-ness), I've decided this year to attend a lot more gigs and fun events!

On Wednesday I dragged the boy with me to an Etsy Meet Up in East London. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures at the actual event, but stumbled across this one on the EtsyUK Facebook page

The good thing about having bright blue hair is that it apparently makes me recognisable in pictures. Unfortunately free bar + awkwardness = a rather tipsy Maxine! Oh dear. But I did get to meet lots of lovely people and got some great advice! I took a quick picture of what I wore before we left:

On Thursday, we ventured to the Lulu and Lush New Collection Launch, which showcased their beautiful new monochrome Selene Collection.

The designs above are modelled by the beautiful Lucy Fur and Loula Cherry.

Both their store, located on Lamb Street at Old Spitalfields, and their new collection are absolutely stunning, so make sure you check them out! You can view more images at the stores Facebook page.

Later this month I'll be attending the ACOFI launch party, as well as seeing one of my favourite bands, Wakey! Wakey! and building the Little Miss Delicious brand ready for going full time in the summer. Very exciting times ahead :)


  1. Im quite shy too...I always find it difficult when I first go to things like Etsy meets/craft shows etc. I suppose it gets a bit easier the more times you do it and I find that especially at crafty related things everyone is usually nice and friendly and mostly just as nervous as you are! :)

  2. I hope so, I hate how shy I get when I do stalls and attend events! It gives me a great excuse to do lots of new things though :) xo




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