Sunday, 9 January 2011

eBay: Shop My Wardrobe!

I've had a pre-spring spring clean, and managed to fill about 3 bags of things I've never really worn! This meant a trip to the local charity shop, and a day listing lots of prettiness on eBay!

There's 20 items in total, including Miss Fortune, Collectif, Irregular Choice, Lulu and Lush and ballet heels. You can view the items here.

Preview of what's on sale:

Everything is listed mega cheap so grab a bargain while you can!

While looking for pictures of the products in past photoshoots, I stumbled across pictures taken by Wicked Heart Photography in 2008:

It made me realise that I'm not too happy with how I look at the moment, I miss having brighter makeup and wearing something other than jeans! At the minute my hair is pretty much the colour of the wig in the picture (which is also for sale on eBay!), so hopefully I'll start feeling more like me again soon :) Nobody likes having an identity crisis!


  1. Oh I know this identity crisis feeling too well. I spent half an hour in Paks looking for the perfect light orange hair dye and left in a proper huff because they either have TOO BRIGHT or just red. Blergh. I am sick of blonde killing my hair!

  2. Oh no :( I hope you manage to find the right colour! I had the same problem with pink dyes, and ended up just mixing them to get the colour I wanted. I did learn it's really hard to get the same colour twice though! xo




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