Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Tattoo Jam Haul

I thought I'd do a little post showing all the things I bought from all the amazing indie brands at Tattoo Jam!

I spotted this super cute top across from me at Kitties Kloset stall, and my love of gingham meant I had to own it!

I've been a big fan of Lickorish Latex for a while now so when I spotted they had a store close to mine I spent most of the weekend trying to resist spending all my money! I left without a suitcase full of latex, as much as I'm sure my student loan would love that, but thankfully I did manage to pick up a few hair bows! They're too cute. I've already started saving to get more from them soon!

I had my eye on this top by Old Skull all weekend, and set myself a profit goal to justify buying it. So thanks to everyone that bought something from my stall and helped fund Maxine-desperately-needs-a-new-wardrobe! I've been having a style crisis lately as I just don't know what I like anymore. Thankfully I think my mini-identity crisis is over. Now all that's left is just to shop shop shop until I'm happy with the clothes I own. Definitely not going to complain about that!

Anyone that knows me will know that I have a serious addiction to hair flowers. I will not rest until I have a room full of them! So when I spotted Now, Voyager I knew I just had to buy something. It did take a lot to resist getting a crotcheted hair pin too, but I figure that just leaves me with a great excuse to go visit their shop sometime ;)

Sitting at the stall beside me was the very talented Charlotte Thomson. I noticed the sketches she was sitting doing and was just completely blown away. As I'm moving to a new flat in a couple of weeks, I thought it was only fitting that I should get something pretty to put on my walls!

And as I'm a serious bag lady, I obviously had to get a new bag from Charlotte too!

How beautiful is this dress from Vampire Bunnies? I saw it and just had to buy it. It goes PERFECTLY with my jewellery so obviously that means I had to own!

Although I didn't manage to get something from every stall, the others were all amazing too. I especially loved:
  • Cupcake Cuties: adorable and bright t-shirts! They may also be stocking Little Miss Delicious soon, so watch this space.
  • Kerry Evans: AMAZING artwork. I fell in love with all of her pieces.
  • Skeleton Heart: very unusual but beautiful art. I especially liked their painted skulls and vials!
  • Limb Clothing: Extremely beautiful pin up dresses
And of course I recommend you also check out Call Me Betty, the lovely lady that I shared the stall with and managed to keep me entertained all weekend!

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