Monday, 2 August 2010

Today's Workspace

My family have gone to Spain for 2 weeks and as Tattoo Jam was smack bang in the middle of it, I decided to stay home. Now if there's one person you should never leave in a house alone, it's a girl that is scared of everything. Seriously, even my own shadow scares me sometimes! And don't get my started on the dark. Or little noises. Or any noises. You get the idea.

To combat this, my music has been blaring since the moment they left. It's a good thing we have no neighbours! Many a night so far has been spent dancing around the kitchen to Florence and the Machine while cooking pasta in underwear. I think Bridget Jones would be proud.

The downside is that I'm terrible at remembering when to eat, especially since I've been so busy. So when it hit 7pm last night every baking tray in my house looked like this.

Oops. As a lovely lady on Facebook pointed out, it does provide the perfect excuse for a takeaway though!


  1. Whatever Tatto Jam is it sounds fun (tattoo & jam are pretty fun words).... And take it from a fellow chicken, I'm afraid of everything, I know what that feels likes, YIKES!

  2. Tattoo Jam is a tatoo convention in the UK :) I can't wait, although I worry that all the stress from this event may be the death of me! haha

    It is very annoying! Thankfully I've had friends staying with me nearly all week so far so it hasn't been too bad xo

  3. Hey huni, how's it going? I can't believe I missed Tattoo Jam, I'm gutted!! I'll have to start checking blogs and what not more often! I was just wondering if you could give me a bit of advice, I am soo interested to know about how you make your jewellery, I've got the beading and necklace making etc. fine, but creating your own things to go in is a complete mystery to me! What kind of clay or whatever do you use? Don't worry I wont be trying to muscle in on your business! Lol, Although I love your gear I will definately be doing something completely different as soon as I can! If you could help me out, it would be much appreciated! thanks huni xxx




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