Friday, 2 July 2010

Shop Update: Plushies

My kidneys are being evil again and I'm finding it very difficult to walk to even get water, nevermind get to the post office. So apologies for anyone waiting on parcels! However, I'm giving all parcels for the next few days to family to post so hopefully you should receive your orders soon :) I'm really hoping this is just a temporary outbreak of pain; I have far too much to do in preparation for The Cluny Craft Market and the Made In Newcastle pop up shop! eep.

However, being stuck with bedrest is doing good things for the site. I've sorted out the plushies section, and added a few new items, including this cute little guy:

Available with blueberry, strawberry and chocolate sprinkles.

On a side note, while being unable to move the past few nights, I've become completely addicted to One Tree Hill all over again! I don't know how I never realised that the adorable bearded man is the singer from Wakey!Wakey! but now that I know this, I can't turn it off. Watching him play Brooklyn on the show actually completed my life! They're such an amazing band.

Anyway, back to trying to paint while lying down! It can only end well...


1 comment:

  1. Just wanted to say your jewellery is fab :) really cool. Hope you get well soon..kidney pain is horrible :(
    Cat x




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