Thursday, 1 July 2010

Events: Fins 'n' Chrome

I had a stall at Fins 'n' Chrome at the end of May and it was definitely... entertaining! I shared a stall with the lovely Leigh from 'Call Me Betty' Vintage and together we braved the joy that is British weather.

It all looked so promising when we began setting up on the Saturday. Sadly, gale force winds apparently don't like it when my cork boards are standing up, and by the end of the weekend they were just lying flat across the table!

The weather the second day started a lot better. However, our Tesco value gazebo definitely didn't. Although we cried sabotage, we had nobody to blame but the weather so we gathered up all the broken, bent poles and tried to reform it. With the helping hand of wine. But once the insane wind began, we ended up packing up a little early. You can only hold on to a gazebo for it's poor little life for so long without losing feeling in your hands (the minute we let go it nearly flew away!), so we went and looked at all the pretty cars instead, and lucky for us there were so many of them!

I'll also be at The Cluny Craft Market this Sunday, so if you're around the Newcastle area pop in and say hi. Thankfully this event will be indoors so there will be no gazebo related dramas!


  1. Ahh, Pet Lamb were supposed to be at the Cluny Market but we were double booked for the Friendship Festival in Washington. Bah! I miss the Cluny Market, it's such a lovely atmosphere and you can nom cheesy chips while working :D

    Good luck petal.

    Katie xox

  2. I was going to ask if you were going actually! It's a shame you aren't there; I'd definitely be spending any profits at your stall! haha.

    I hope the Friendship Festival goes well for you :) xo




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