Sunday, 4 April 2010

Events: Underground Farmers Market and Ladies Night

The past week has been the most hectic week of my life! It's been amazing; I've met so many lovely people and just had a great time. It was also nice just to get feedback from people about my jewellery. I never really hear from people once they've purchased them, so it's good to hear customers thoughts.

On Sunday I had a stall at the First Underground Farmers and Craft Market, hosted by Ms Marmite Lover in her beautiful house. It was a great day, and it was lovely to meet other independent sellers. Drinking wine around a bonfire is always a nice way to end an afternoon!

Picture by Crumbelina

My stall was in the bedroom with lots of gorgeous cupcakes by Crumbelina and brownies by Afternoon Tea 410. You can see me lurking in the background setting up my stall!

Pictures by MsMarmiteLover

More pictures of the event are available at Ms Marmite Lovers blog.

Wednesday was the Ladies Night at St Aidens, which was also a lot of fun!

I dragged by best friends along to help out as I was so rushed for time and needed all the help I could get, especially as everything seemed to be going wrong at the last minute. Apparently cake stands made from paper and card can't withstand a bus journey without falling to piece - who knew? ;)

Then it was another night of packing as I had a bus back to London Thursday afternoon. I eventually got back to London at 11.30pm absolutely exhausted, but I ended up staying up all night preparing jewellery for my photoshoot the next day.

So after 2 hours sleep, it was off to Mind Studios for my first ever shoot for Little Miss Delicious. I'd bought cupcakes from Pet Lamb Patisserie at the Newcastle event, and they survived all the way to London from Newcastle without even the slightest problem. But as soon as I got on the bus to the studio, someone pushed past me and I heard them all move. It was a heartbreaking moment. So as soon as I arrived to the studio I had to rush out to try and buy more cupcakes on a bank holiday, which was never going to be an easy task! Thankfully, we improvised and I think it still turned out amazing, despite the smooshed cupcakes. I'm so excited to see the pictures! The makeup artist has uploaded a few behind the scene shots onto her Tumblr.

Sadly I now have a ridiculous amount of revision to do, so that's going to be the focus until my exams are over. However, I've set up a timetable to try and organise revision so I have enough time to make a few new pieces and do the stall at Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes Summer Fair, so hopefully it should all work out and I never have to go without sleep again!

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